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Ciampino Airport to Rome

    Do you need a transfer from Ciampino airport to Rome, but you don’t know who to contact? Luckily you have come to the right place at the right time! In fact, in the following lines we will explain how to reach Rome from Ciampino airport.

    There are several ways to go to Rome from Ciampino airport: you can take the bus, taxi or book a private transfer with our company. The cheapest means of transport is undoubtedly the bus, but also the slowest. Instead, the taxi and our transfer service are the fastest methods, but you will spend more with the taxi and you will be transported with a normal car.

    But don’t worry, because in the following lines we will go into more detail and we will explain why our transfer service from Ciampino airport to Rome center is the best you can find. That said, make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes of free time to read this article. We are convinced that in the end you will be pleasantly surprised by how cheap and better the service we offer can be.

    Ciampino Airport to Rome: which service to choose?

    In the next chapters we explain in detail which transfer services you can choose from Ciampino airport to Rome and what advantages / disadvantages they offer. We will explain costs and timing for bus, taxi and private transfer with our company.

    Bus from Ciampino Airport to Rome

    Bus transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome
    Bus transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome

    As previously mentioned, the bus from Ciampino airport to Rome is the cheapest but also the slowest means of transport. Obviously it is the cheapest means of transport for a couple of travelers. Families of four or more could spend almost as much as a private transfer.

    Furthermore, if you choose the bus you will have to calculate at least an hour of travel before reaching your destination in Rome, because the bus goes to Rome Termini, after which you will have to spend more money to buy the metro tickets, which you will bring you close to your hotel in Rome.

    The bus costs on average €6 per person if you need to reach Rome Termini and the journey takes an hour. If you also have to take the metro, you will spend €8 per person and you will have to add another 30 minutes by metro. In some cases you may have to wait for the bus to depart from Ciampino airport and then add another 30 minutes to your journey to central Rome, for a total of almost one hour and half by public transport.

    In summary, you will spend 10 to 15 euros if you are traveling as a couple and you will lose two hours of time to reach your hotel in Rome, if instead you are traveling in four people, you will spend from 20 to 30 euros.

    Here is a list of bus companies you can take in Ciampino:

    Here you will find the complete list of buses departing from Ciampino airport to Rome.

    Taxi from Ciampino Airport to Rome

    Another valid alternative from Ciampino airport to Rome is the taxi service. However, this service is carried out with normal cars and with prices starting from €50,00 for a maximum of 3 passengers.

    Taxi transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome
    Taxi transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome

    There is no need to book a taxi service, because once at the airport you just have to go out and head to the nearest taxi stop and take the first available means. Being a municipal service, the cars used are very common and the rates are not fixed as they are generated by the taximeter. In fact, in most cases you will spend more than €50 to go to Rome city.

    Private transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome

    The best way to go from Ciampino airport to Rome is without a doubt with a private transfer, like the one offered by our company. The rates are agreed at the time of booking, so no surprises at the time of payment and the cars used are of value and quality.

    Private transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome in Luxury Car or Minivan
    Private transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome in Luxury Car or Minivan

    Each private transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome is carried out with high quality Mercedes Benz cars equipped with air conditioning, leather interiors and tinted windows. Each car is driven by professional English-speaking drivers, always dressed in formal attire. This is what distinguishes us from other transfer services that you can find in the city of Rome.

    As anticipated in the previous lines, the service offered is very advantageous for families from three people onwards. Here are some rates of our transfer service from Ciampino airport to Rome:

    • Sedan Mercedes E: from €55 up to three passengers.
    • Minivan Mercedes V: from €66 up to eight passengers.

    There is also a 10% discount if you request the round trip service. Click here to know all the transfer rates.

    Why choose a private transfer?

    Choosing a private transfer from Ciampino airport to Rome offers many advantages. A private transfer can be booked in advance. You will not have to worry about anything, because our driver will be waiting for you inside the airport, ready to take you to your accommodation in Rome.

    The rate is agreed before booking. In this way you will not have any surprises at the time of payment, which can be made in cash or by credit card to the driver. All our drivers speak English very well and will be able to give you advice on places to visit, restaurants where to eat typical Roman cuisine and trendy bars. Our drivers can be your personal drivers for the duration of your holiday in Rome. You can contact us again to take a tour of the citymove around Rome or return to the airport on the day of your departure.

    We only use luxury cars: Mercedes Benz E, V, S, Vito or BMW 5 series.