How to get a taxi in Rome

Are you planning a holiday in Rome? Are you already in the city and want to know how to get a taxi in Rome to move more comfortably during your holiday? Then you’ve come to the right place at the right time. In fact, in this article we will show you how to take a taxi in Rome and which are the best alternatives.

Booking a taxi in Rome is very simple, just go to any taxi station you find throughout Rome. You can find them with Google Maps. Otherwise it is possible to book this service by telephone. These are the two main companies in Rome: Radio Taxi 06-3570 and Pronto Taxi 06-6645. Unfortunately, taxi drivers don’t have a good reputation in Rome. Many tourists and locals are continually overcharged. What’s more, taxi rates in Rome are considered quite high compared to certain European capital cities.

For this reason we want to let you know of a valid alternative to the taxi, often cheaper and much more quality. In addition to the classic white taxis, in Rome there is also the NCC service, a sort of luxury Uber, but all Italian. The NCC service is carried out with elegant black cars and driven by drivers in formal clothes. The beauty of this service is that the rates are established before each transfer and include everything.

How to get a Taxi in Rome: Book Online

As mentioned earlier, to take a taxi you will have to go to one of the taxi stations scattered throughout Rome. If, on the other hand, you want to take a taxi from where you are, you will need to call one of the numbers dedicated to booking taxis in Rome. However, you will not be able to know the cost of your transfer until you arrive at your destination.

Booking a NCC service like the one offered by our company is much easier, because, in addition to being able to call us or send an email, you can also write us on WhatsApp to get an immediate quote and book while keeping your booking data in your WhatsApp chat. But it does not end there, because our company offers many more services than the classic taxi.

Transfer Services

You can contact us for any private transfer, even long distances to other cities. Here are some of the main transfer services that our company offers:

Private Tours

In addition to offering private transfers from Rome to any destination, we also run fantastic private tours of Rome. Here are some of our proposals:

how to get a taxi in Rome tours

On request we carry out customized tours based on the needs of each customer. Contact us today for more information.

Hourly Provisions

This service is very interesting, because it allows you to rent a car with a driver for the time you need. If you want to go shopping in the streets of the capital, you can request the “hourly arrangement” service for as long as you need. You can leave your purchases with the driver who will carefully check them while you shop in the streets of the city.

How to get a taxi in Rome: Hourly Provisions
Private Rome Taxi – Hourly Provisions

The hourly arrangements can last up to 24 hours, so do not hesitate to contact us to ask for a free quote and find out the cost of the service.

How to get a Taxi in Rome: Conclusions

That’s it for today. We hope we have been clear and have helped you understand how to get a taxi in Rome.

In summary: to get a taxi in Rome either call the number of one of the taxi companies in Rome or go to one of the taxi stations in Rome. To book a NCC service, just write to us via the contact form on this site, or send us a message on WhatsApp and we will provide you with the best available price for the service you need.

We hope to have you as our customer soon.